Monday, July 19, 2010

Tool #2 Commenting and PLN

I think PLN's will be a wonderful tool for education. When you think about the students we are teaching and how different the world is now it is imperative that we keep up with the times. Not only do we need to teach students about how to appropriately use thes, it also allows us as educators to grow professionally and network with other professionals that share our interests as well as building our knowledge on a variety of topics.

Since I am fairly new to blogging I found the tips and information on commenting very beneficial. I have read other blogs before but rarely ever comment. After this module I feel more comfortable and confident about commenting. I especially found the information on starting a blog with a question or using a question in the title to elicit more comments on my own blog in addition to not listing everything about a topic to also invite comments and discussions.

I commented on the following people's blogs:

Lilia Amaro
Cathe Hefner
Nikki Pilon
Maria Lopez
Rita Simon

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  1. I agree Nancy, it is so important for us as educators to be familiar with the latest technology. This is my first blog as well and I have also found it beneficial.